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101Bio P100S PureExo® Exosome Isolation kit (for cell culture media), 2rxn


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PureExo® Exosome Isolation kit (for cell culture media)

Why our exosome so pure?
Answer: By targeted filtration, our filter of specific binding treatment removes protein contaminant to isolate exosome at 95% high purity.        Click to see pure exosome images


PureExo® Exosome Isolation kit (for cell culture media)

Cat. #

(  2 reactions)                                    

(10 reactions)                                    

(40 reactions)    

(Solution A, B and C, 10 rxn)

Exosome   vs   Endosome Isolation Kit
We also offer purified exosome:


Isolate pure exosome from cell culture media (supernatant). This kit yields much higher purity than exosome precipitation method. This product is for research use only.


Each reaction can process 2 ~ 4 ml cell culture medium. The yield of each reaction can yield pure exosome suspended in 50 ~ 200 µl PBS (from which 150 ~ 400 µg exosomal protein or 50 ~ 200 ng exosomal RNA can be extracted using our Exosomal RNA and Protein Extraction Kit, Cat.#: P200).


P100 kit is for exosome purification / isolation at high yield and purity from cell culture media.

  • Easy to use: No ultra-centrifugation (< 2="">
  • 10 fold higher yield (vs. other kits and ultracentrifuge)
  • Save cost (vs. antibodies-beads method)
  • Isolate Pure exosome (>95% purity vs. 25% purity by exosome precipitation method)
  • Intact exosome (good morphology)

Use as little as 2 ml cell media to achieve high yield of exosomes for any downstream applications: EM study, exosome label, exosome subpopulation, qRT-PCR profiling of exosomal miRNAs, and gel analysis of exosomal proteins.

Shipping / Storage

Ship and store at room temperature. Upon receiving keep all bottles upright, in cool and dark place.

Shelf Life

12 months

Manual (protocol)

    Exosome Isolation Kit


Data Sheet


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Cat.#: P100S Cat.#: P100   Cat.#: P100L
Solution A (blue) 0.5 ml 2.5 ml 10 ml Room temperature
Solution B 0.5 ml 2.5 ml 10 ml Room temperature
Solution C 2 ml 10 ml 10 ml x 4 Room temperature
PureExo&reg Column 2 10 40 Room temperature


Because the exosome yield of this exosome isolation kit is 10 fold higher than all other kits, you can start with only 2 mL medium. The maximum medium volume of each reaction is 4 ml from at most 5 x 105 cells. One PureExo® Column is only for one reaction. Do not exceed 4 mL medium or 5 x 105 cells to avoid indistinct layer separation and column clogging.

Our kits optimize your exosome research result

Exosome Isolation Kit, Exosome purification kit
Good size distribution of exosomes isolated by our PureExo® kit
   (See larger screen click: )

Nanoparticle tracking analysis shows good size distribution, morphology and amount of exosome isolated by 101bio PureExo® kit.

Exosome Isolation kits, Exosomal RNA and protein extraction kits, Exosome transfection kits