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101Bio P904 Lentivirus Packaging Kit, 10 rxn


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Lentivirus Packaging Kit                     



Lentivirus Packaging Kit

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For packaging Lentivirus.  This product is for research use only.                            

Product Size

10 reactions, producing Lentivirus in 100mm dish per reaction


This kit is for packaging 3rd generation Lentivirus.


To package Lentivirus, use the provided transfection reagent to transfect 293T cells with your lentiviral vector together and the provided packaging mix.  The packaging plasmids will express the elements required for lentivirus production.  Replication-incompetent, HIV-1-based lentivirus containing your gene of interest will be produced.


Shipping / Storage

Ship at 4℃, Store at 4℃ and -20℃ (see below)

Shelf Life

6 months

Manual (protocol)

                                    Lentivirus Packaging Kit Manual                            


293T Transfection Reagent P902 450 µL 4℃
Lentivirus Packaging Mix P904P 200 µL -20oC



The 3rdgeneration packaging system offers maximal biosafety as the lentiviral Rev gene is supplied as an independent vector from other structure genes, further eliminating the possibility of reverse recombination of vectors into a replication competent viral particle.  The third generation lentiviral packaging mix will only support lentiviral expression vector with a chimeric 5' LTR in which the HIV promoter is replaced with CMV or RSV, thus making it TAT-independent.


Follow the recommended NIH BSL-2 guidelines for all materials containing Lentivirus.