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101Bio P905 Retrovirus Packaging Kit, 10 rxn


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Retrovirus Packaging Kit                     



Retrovirus Packaging Kit

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For packaging Retrovirus.  This product is for research use only.                            

Product Size

10 reactions, producing Retrovirus in 100mm dish per reaction


This kit provides a rapid and convenient method for producing high titers of replication-incompetent retroviruses in only 48 hours.


This Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus (MMLV)-based packaging system and VSV-G possesses the ideal host range required for your target cells.


This kit contains high efficient transfection reagent and a ready-to-use retroviral packaging mix.


Separate expression of the essential viral structural genes ensures safety and control over the recombinant constructs by minimizing the risks that arise during cell division and reducing the chance of producing replication-competent virus.

  • Rapid virus production
  • Ready-to-use
  • Wide range target cells
  • Low risk of replication-competent

Shipping / Storage

Ship at 4℃, Store at 4℃ and -20℃ (see below)

Shelf Life

6 months

Manual (protocol)

                                    Retrovirus Packaging Kit Manual                            


293T Transfection Reagent P903 450 µL 4℃
Retrovirus Packaging Mix P905P 200 µL -20℃



Follow the recommended NIH BSL-2 guidelines for all materials containing Retrovirus.