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101Bio P909S Retrovirus 10X Titer-Up (Increase virus titer by 10 times), 0.1 ml


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Retrovirus 10X Titer-Up (Increase virus titer by 10 times) 


Retrovirus 10X Titer-Up (Increase virus titer by 10 times)

Cat. #

(0.1 mL)

(1 mL for packaging 500 mL retrovirus soup)


Increase Retrovirus titer for ~ 10 times in virus packaging procedure.   This product is for research use only.


This retrovirus titer boost is a novel recipe of small molecules designed for increasing / boosting retrovirus packaging efficiency.


Retrovirus 10X Titer-Up stably regulates the viral RNA packaging on the transcriptional level, which can enhance production of retroviral particles for up to 10 fold.

  • Increase virus titer by 10 times
  • Increase viral RNA transcription
  • Increase virus particle packaging efficiency

Shipping / Storage

Ship at room temperature and store at 4℃. ( Do not freeze )

Shelf Life

12 months

Manual (protocol)

  Retrovirus 10X Titer-Up


Each lot of Retrovirus 10X Titer-Up reagent is functionally tested in virus production experiment using 293T cells to ensure the retrovirus titer boosting efficiency.

Follow the recommended NIH BSL-2 guidelines for all materials containing Retrovirus.

Fig. 1

retrovirus titer boost, retrovirus titer enhancer,

Flow cytometry data shows higher transduction efficiency (higher titer) of GFP retrovirus packaged using Retrovirus 10X Titer-Up (boosted retrovirus titer).