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Cat.#  Protein Extraction Kits Protein status Time
101Bio P501Total protein kit Animal cells Total protein Denatured/Native 1~8 min.
101Bio P502Total protein kit Animal tissues Total protein Denatured/Native 1~8 min.
101Bio P503Membrane protein kit Mammalian cells/tissues Membrane and cytosol Native & Detergent-free 20~45 min.
101Bio P504Nuclear protein kit Mammalian cells/tissues Nuclear/cytosol protein Native 6~8 min.
101Bio P505Detergent-free kit Animal cells Total protein Denature/Native 5~8 min.
101Bio P506Detergent-free kit Animal tissues Total protein Denature/Native 5~8 min.
101Bio P507Mitochondria kit Mammalian cells/tissues Mitochondrial protein Native, detergent & EDTA free 5~8 min.
101Bio P508Plant total protein Plant tissue Total protein Denature/Native 5~8 min.
101Bio P510Plant detergent-free Plant tissue Total protein Native 5~8 min.
101Bio P511Plant chloroplast kit Plant tissue Intact chloroplast 5 min.
101Bio P518Plant microsomal
            membrane extraction
Plant tissue Microsomal membrane Native 1 hr
101Bio P512Bacteria total protein Bacteria Total protein Denatured 2~3 min.
101Bio P513Nuclear envelope kit Cells Nuclear envelope Native & Detergent free < 45 min.
101Bio P514Histone/DNA binding
            protein kit
Cells Histone/DNA binding protein Denatured < 10 min.
101Bio P515Thick cell wall
            microbes protein kit
Cultured microbes Total protein Denatured/Native < 10 min.
101Bio P519Protein gel slice kit Gel slices Protein < 10 min.
101Bio P521Hair & nail protein kit Hair, Nail, Wool, Horn Protein Denatured 5 min. hands on
101Bio P522Adipose protein kit Adipose Protein Native/Denatured 20 min.
101Bio P523Adipose fractionation kit Adipose Water soluble / insoluble protein Native 40 min.
101Bio P524Detergent-free nuclei
            isolation kit
Cells / Tissues Intact nuclei Native, Detergent-free 20 min.
101Bio P525FFPE protein kit FFPE tissues Protein Denatured < 60 min.
101Bio P528Endosome isolation kit Cells/tissues Endosome Denatured 20 min. hands on
101Bio P529Adipose nuclei and             cytosol isolation kit Adipose tissue Nuclei & cytosol Native 30 min.

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